Shopping mall Freeport and Excalibur

 The shopping and amusement mall on the Czech - Austrian border in Hatě, not far from Znojmo, permanently attracts thousands of shoppers every week. A complex of shops, restaurants, cafés, and other facilities, under the common name of Excalibur City , welcomes every year almost four million visitors. On the area covering more than one thousand square metres, you can choose anything from the inexhaustible source of foods, beverages, cigarettes, jewellery, fashion accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, sweets or electronics.

In the same place you can find also the outlet shopping centre Freeport. There are tens of shops offering over two hundred last season' s fashion trade marks. An assortmentř concetrates mainly on ladies', gentlemen' s, and children' s fashion, sport clothing, footwear, household appliances, and gift goods.