Places of interest in the near surroundings:


Přímětice offers except the unique cross vaulted cellar under the hotel "N" also an unusual surprise , especially for technically minded enthusiasts. A high pole with a lot of metal brushes next to the local church reminds of the success of the local parochial priest and inventor in the field of electricity - Prokop Diviš - with his "Machina meteorologica " or the lightning conductor - a predecessor of present day lightning conductors. It is one of his most important discoveries. The Premonstratensian priest constructed this device at the Přímětice parsonage in the year 1754. The original mechanism has not been preserved to our times. The present day replica comes from the year 1936.

Sights of Znojmo

The historical town of Znojmo may boast with a lot of important places of interest. Above all it is the Rotunda of St. Catherine, the national cultural monument. It was buil in the year 1037 as a grand parochial church. With its rich frescos it depicts the origins of the Czech state. According to some experts, it is besides the Hradchin in Prague the second most important monument in the Czech Republic.

Perhaps the best known building in Znojmo is an eighty metres high tower of the town hall from the 15th century . From its gallery there is a nice view of the whole town, which is dominated by the sight of the Church of St. Nicolas, the patron saint of the town. In good visibility you can see from the tower even the peaks of the Austrian Alps. Another important dominant of the town is the castle of Znojmo. It was founded in the 11th century as a seat of the ruling Přemyslide dukes.

Znojmo subterranean passageways

The labyrinth of subterranean passageways under the centre of Znojmo consists of about thirty kilometres of passageways. It belongs to the largest mazes in central Europe. The subterranean passageways originated from former cellars of burgher houses. The passageways are hewn out in the rocks , even in the rows of four floors , one under the other. Their mutual interlinking makes from them a complicated and ingenious labyrinth.The systém of ventilation air-shafts or draining systém are really remarkable. There is also a lot of underground wells. A part of the passageways is accessible to the public. The entrance is at Slepičí trh (Poultry Market) . The accessible part has a length of about one kilometer. It is possible to visit this pride of Znojmo from April to October.