Znojmo - it is a traditional Moravian winery town. That' s why the winery is one of the main priorities of our hotel. Just under the hotel "N" you can find one of the largest cross vaulted wine cellars in the world. We will be pleased to arrange for you a visit of this unique establishment. You can see there the most modern technology of wine processing of the company Znovín Znojmo, and what' s more, also deposited archive bottles of wine several tens of years old.

This Znojmo viniculture sub-region is famous mainly for its white wines. Wine cellars all over the region, and among them the most colourful vineyard Šobes, invite you to a visit, where you can taste the wines from the grapes grown on the surrounding slopes and terraces.The visitor will be charmed by walking through the wine cellar lanes of Šatov, Hnánice, Nový Šaldorf and other vintners' villages.

Besides that we will be only pleased to arrange for you, individually or in groups, excursions to wine cellars of vintners, producing wine on a small or big scale, including wine tasting and leisure time parties. We offer also an excursion to a large-scale wine processing winery (filling of bottles...), a visit of a vinyard with wine tasting on the location ( Šóbes, Stará vinice, Tři duby…), or a visit to the viniculture museum in the Louka Monastery, and further attractions connected with wine growing.

Viniculture attractions in the close neighbourhood:

The cross-vaulted wine cellar in Přímětice

The wine cellar in Přímětice belongs to the largest cross-vaulted cellars all over the world.And its acoustics are quite unique too. The construction of the cellar is connected directly with the hotel"N". The cellar was built under a contract of Znojmo' s Jesuit College in the years 1740 - 1756 on the ground plan of the cross.Its measures represent a real world rarity. The main corridor, with huge barrels on both the sides, is 110 m long and almost 10 m wide.The company Znovín Znojmo produces here white wines and there are constantly stored up to one million bottles of wine.

The Louka Monastery devotes itself to winery

The terroir lounge bar represents the viniculture of Moravia, further you can find there the Goat' s lounge bar with the mythical Grape Goat, a retail sale of wine from barrels or sale of vine seedlings. So in the Louka Monastery, in the lower part of Znojmo, we can wittness an inconspicuous growth of a sort of winery and tourist centre. Several times a year there take place wine tasting sessions. There is also a vinotheque and a wine cellar. Another attraction for the visitors, a small tourist train, starts and ends its trips in the yard of the monastery. In the historical building of the monastery you can find also a bicycle hire.

The most charming cellar is painted

A lovely wine cellar with paintings of a folk artist is dug out into a sandstone slope over Šatov. When visitors enter under the ground they find themselves in a miraculous realm of mermaids , dwarfs, or Alpine sceneries. These phantastic colourful plastic paintings decorate the main corridor and the walls of side cellar lounges. They were created by Maxmillian Appeltauer, a native of Šatov, known for his creative talent, who devoted his life to the Painted Cellar. He worked there in the years 1938 to 1968, every Sunday. He was not stopped even by his wound from the Second World War , when he lost his hand.

A unique vinyard gives excellent wines

The vinyard Šobes offers to the visitors of the Podyjí National Park a pleasant moment of relaxation. It is said to be the most beautiful, most colourful, and most favourable place for growing wine in this country. The vinyard even ranks among the ten best ones in Europe. Straight in the vinyard the tourists can taste some of the samples of the wine produced from the local grapes.It is not possible to get to the vinyard Šobes by car. It is accessible either on foot or on a bicycle from Hnanice or Podmolí. Even in the past the Šobes wines were served at the emperor' s court in Vienna. And in 1999, in Paris, the Rhein Riesling, late harvest from the year 1997, from here, was even classified among the thousand best wines in the world.

The Šobes locality belongs to several most praised locations of the Podyjí National Park. It is unique because of its variety of species of plants, insects, and reptiles.